The Mysterious World of Cosentino - The Missing Ace by Jack Heath

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Ill. by James Hart. Scholastic Australia, 2017. ISBN 9781743812020
(Age: 7+) The Grand Illusionist, Cosentino, runs the popular Copperpot Theatre in Coppertown, a place in Magicland. The only problem is that the evil King has banned magic. Cos is busy practising his latest illusion - escaping from a pit of deadly snakes while in a sack padlocked in chain. Ace, an escaped soldier from the King's army, runs in begging for help. He is being chased by Hollow, a King's henchmen. Cos tries to help Ace with the assistance of his friends.  However, in doing so, he makes an enemy of Hollow and the evil King.
The first book in The Mysterious World of Cosentino series is very entertaining and will be a hit with those who love the world of magic. James Hart's illustrations do a fantastic marvellous job of bringing the characters to life. The book touches on determination, friendship and the wonderful world of magic.
Children will especially love the magic tricks at the end of the book. I would suggest children 7 and over would love this book. The text is relatively large and does not look too daunting to read with the interspersed illustrations.
Kathryn Schumacher