Which way, Dude? : BMO's day out by Max Brallier

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Ill. by Stephen Reed. Adventure Time series. Hardie Grant Egmont, 2015. ISBN 9781760123208
(Age: 8-10) Adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction. This Choose your own adventure repackaged to include the reader in all sorts of activities apart from making life changing decisions about the main characters, will draw readers in to the zany world as presented in the series on the Cartoon network (TimeWarner).
Finn and Jake are plying their favourite game, Portender Defender with their tiny robot friend, BMO, when a knock at the door rouses them. It is Peppermint Butler and he has dreadful news. The princess Bubblegum is in deep trouble and they must help him rescue her. So follows a fast paced adventure story which has the reader electing to go on different paths to find the princess. Along the way the reader must pass through mazes, answer questions, finish puzzles, do a word find and work out a code to find answers to the question of just where is the princess.
With puzzles at the end of almost every chapter, and each short chapter offering lots of little cartoon illustrations, younger readers will find this an easy read, propelled along by the funny story. Instructions are clearly offered in boxes on the pages, so the readers will know exactly what they have to do to continue.
Boys in middle years at primary school will find this a funny book to get their teeth into.
Fran Knight