My first 100 dinosaur words by Chris Ferrie. Illus. by Lindsay Dale-Scott

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Chris Ferrie is a physicist, mathematician, and father of four children, and as you would expect with this background, has produced a fascinating list of 100 words that relate to dinosaurs and their world. Each double page spread in this colourful board book focuses on one type of dinosaur and then gives 8 to 12 words relating to them. An example is the two-page spread on Stegosaurs, which has a picture of a huayangosaurus, with an arrow to the word 'spines', a picture of Coprolite (fossilized poop), and on the opposite page has a picture of a stegosaurus, with the words, 'beak', 'scutes', 'thagomizer,' and picture of a fossil stegosaurus with the words 'spikes' and 'plates'. Other sections include Mesozoic Era, Sauropods, Carnosaurs, Coelurosuaurs, Ankylosaurs, Pachycephalosaurs, Ceratopsians, Ornithopods, Ichthyosaurs and Mosasaurs, Pterosaurs, and finally Plesiosaurs.

Children who already are familiar with the names of many dinosaurs will be thrilled to learn the more difficult names of the categories, while very small children will be able to easily identify the more common dinosaurs and their attributes. The work of a paleontologist and paleobiologist is also introduced and pictures of fossils are featured.

The illustrations are bright and colourful and there are plenty of interesting details for young readers to look at and talk about. The board book is perfect for little hands, with a shiny padded cover that is sure to appeal. My first 100 dinosaur words will be grabbed by eager readers who love dinosaurs and adults who read to their children are going to learn a lot about dinosaurs as well.

Themes: Dinosaurs.

Pat Pledger