Grandma wombat by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

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Wombat series. Angus and Robertson, 2016. ISBN 9780732299590
(Age: 3+) Highly recommended. Wombats. Grandparents. Each day sees similar things happening in the lives of grandma and her grandson wombat. Sleeping makes up much of each day, but some days there are carrots to be had, or small naps to be made, or itches to scratch. While grandma sleeps more soundly her grandson watches the world go by. The kangaroo that hops over the pair sometimes wakes grandma wombat, but one day as grandma lies sleeping, the kangaroo's joey is replaced by the smaller wombat. He bounces away, taking a ride in the ute on top of the bales of hay, then onto the back of a motor bike, then into a parcel truck which delivers baby wombat to the airport. There he joins a rather startled looking group of skydivers and sits on one as they sail to the earth.
Once again he is back with grandma, sleeping, scratching and eating but with a little eye that looks out at the reader, sharing what he has done with the audience.
Grandma is impervious to her grandson's outing, saying what a well behaved grandson she has, but the audience knows what he has done, and laughs along with him and his loving grandma.
French's pared back text gives all that is needed, and the illustrations by Bruce Whatley add another level of humour to an already funny tale. This is the fifth in the series of books about wombats by these two and will be very welcome in all libraries.
Fran Knight