I lost my Granny in the supermarket by Jo Simmons. Illus. by Nathan Reed

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I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket, written by Jo Simmons is a story that will keep you entertained until the very last page. This novel will appeal to readers who love humour and wild adventurous fun. Simmons creates a vivid text that enables the reader to easily visualise and sense every minute of crazy fun-filled drama and antics.

Harry is an easy going eleven-year-old boy who loves animals and dressing up in costumes. He desperately wants to own a puppy, but since his little indiscretions with past animals, his mum has made him have to earn his way to getting a puppy with ‘puppy points’. He can receive these by doing chores and clearly showing he is responsible. So, when extra puppy point come up for grabs, Harry is very keen to try to get them. All he needs to do is look after his Granny and take her to a few appointments before heading to a special awards night function. That surely can’t be too hard! Unfortunately, his Granny isn’t your average slow, quiet and easy-going old lady. Mini (Harry’s Granny) is full of adventure and outrageous fun, and she has little desire to attend the awards night. Harry sets off on what he believes will be an easy 50 puppy points day, but within minutes he realises that this day is not going to go at planned. Will Harry be able to get his Granny safely to the awards night and collect his 50 puppy points or will Mini create more havoc and mayhem than anyone could ever imagine? Whatever the outcome, Harry is in for a day that he will never forget!

Jo Simmons has written many entertaining novels, and this one won’t disappoint. Combined with great illustrations by Nathan Reed, this book will engage readers with its witty humour and terrific clear imagery. I lost my Granny in the Supermarket would also make a great read aloud for a class to enjoy. This book is a definite winner with twists, turns and tales!

Themes: Relationships, Problem solving, Rights and Responsibilities.

Michelle O'Connell