Let's go strolling by Katrina Germein

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Ill. by Danny Snell. Little Book Press, 2018. ISBN 9780648115687
Taking a toddler for a walk in a stroller on a sunny day is one of life's more pleasant and relaxing experiences, especially if it's a welcome break in a hectic daily routine.  Enjoying the activity, taking notice of nature and the amazing things that can be seen as you stroll rather than rush, sitting in the park, meeting friends with their toddlers - it all goes to making an enjoyable experience for parent and child.
So this lovely book for preschoolers that focuses on this simple activity and brings it to life is a delight to share, as our soon-to-be readers not only relate to the events but are also encouraged to think more about what they see on their daily walk.  Perhaps it is an opportunity for parent and child to take a lead from Germein's text and Snell's illustrations and create their own book about their daily walk.  A few pages that have the repetitive text of "On our walk we saw . . . " and a photo or drawing will not only become a family favourite but also help the child understand the power they have over words - saying them, writing them and reading them.
This book has been produced under the umbrella of Raising Literacy Australia, and with such experienced authors and illustrators on board, it certainly helps meet the mission and aims of that charity. Its familiar setting and activity, its simple rhythmic language accompanied by illustrations that enable the young reader to predict the text, and the potential for follow-up are all part of those essential elements that lay the foundations for mastery of print.
Barbara Braxton