The Tinklers Three: A very good idea by M. C. Badger

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Hardie Grant Egmont, 2014.
(Ages: 6 to 9) Highly recommended. The Tinkler children, Marcus, Mila and Turtle, are living every child's dream. With their parents performing in a travelling circus (their father is a tight-rope walker and their mother, the children are left home alone to follow their own rules and decisions. Their rules vary from 'You must eat cake on Saturdays' to 'You must not stir soup with a shoe', and with ideas like 'The best food for breakfast is chocolate ice-cream' and 'A bird's nest makes a good hat', we can be sure of some entertaining adventures. In this book (the first in a series of 3), the Tinklers decide to travel to the other side of town without touching the ground. Agreeing that it will be difficult, dangerous and dirty, they set off using some creative thinking, their circus skills, a well-stocked backpack, and a little help from some pigeons.
This book is a charming blend of humour, fantasy and imagination. With delightful illustrations and varying fonts (cleverly used to encourage young readers to develop inflection), this is certain to become a popular book among developing readers. M.C. Badger who is perhaps best known for Go Girl and Tweenie Genie, has created a wonderful set of characters who will continue to spark our imaginations in the next titles An Excellent Invention and The Coolest Pool.
Donella Reed