Dino diggers: Dumper truck danger by Rose Impey

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Ill. by Chris Chatterton. Bloomsbury, 2018. ISBN 9781408872482
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Dinosaurs, Technology, Accidents. In Dino-Town, the Dino Diggers are all ready for action. Dressed in their hard hats and fluoro jackets, they can take on any problem which comes long, so when the town bridge collapses after a heavy rain storm, they are ready with their machines to clear the path and help rebuild the bridge.
Young readers will adore the five friends, Terri,Tyrone, Bruno, Ricky and Stacey, working out just why each has that particular name, their size and physical attributes eagerly recognised by dinosaur hunters. The problem of the bridge and the baker's van stuck beneath causes the team some headaches as Tyrone takes his digger down into the river bed to get the van out. He does this successfully but they both end up on the wrong side of the bridge. Another problem creates another solution, and all ends happily, with the dinosaurs reopening the bridge in time for traffic. The Dino Diggers have done their work.
Young readers will love looking at the array of work done by each of the trucks illustrated, recognising these implements from seeing them on their streets. The illustrations give a streamlined image of each of them allowing kids to point out the features of each. Recognisable work safety measures are included, alluding to the possible dangers of this work, and showing readers what needs to happen to keep themselves safe. In the last few pages is a cardboard cutout of Stacey's dump truck with instructions on how to put it together, continuing the fun of the book.
Fran Knight