Little Bug Books by Graeme Base

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Penguin Australia, 2014.
Cows Say Moo. ISBN 9780670077618.
Pigs Have Piglets. ISBN 9780670077625.
Absolutely adorable! Graeme Base has brought his outstanding talent to books for the Very Tiny ones. This series of oh-so-cute fold out books now has two new titles which will enchant the littlies in any home (or library). With simple concepts and texts perfect for the smallest of humans to explore and recite, these are just gorgeous.
I'm pretty sure the titles of each will give a huge clue as to the contents but bear with me while I explain. Cows Say Moo goes through a range of animals and their sounds. Pigs have Piglets goes through a range of animals and their young. Each sturdy book has the most delightful accordion style folds so at first look there is one single animal and then the fold out reveals a bigger picture with a family.
I really cannot wait to show these to my tiniest grandchild as I am sure she is going to love them, although she is slightly past the toddler age. Each book is a sturdy, almost board book, construction with heavy duty card weight pages, perfect for grotty little fingers to turn eagerly. As one would expect the illustrations are most beautifully done and very realistic - a perfect learning experience while experiencing the joy of reading. I envisage that small people would be very quickly 'reading' along the simple three word sentences with each successive title. Apart from the delightful pictures the simplicity of them reminds me of the old original PM readers we used to start our beginning readers on in Year 1.
Sue Warren