Mac Slater, Cool Hunter 2: I love NY by Tristan Bancks

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Random House Australia, 2009.
(Ages: 10-14) After successfully winning the title Coolhunters Mac Slater, his Dad (as chaperon) and Paul his fellow inventor head to New York to attend the Imaginator Festival of Inventions and Creativity - the prize for winning the Coolhunters competition. Unfortunately all does not go according to plan on their arrival in New York. Speed and Tony the Coolhunter bosses are nowhere to be found, traffic conditions challenge Mac's dad and their accommodation is less than ideal. When they arrive at Madison Square Gardens to attend the festival they are stunned at their inability to enter. Fortunately a simple plane delay has held up Speed and Tony and before long Mac and Paul make contact - things seem to be back on track. Once again their task is to discover 'cool' happenings around New York - they know this isn't going to be easy. As is the case with Mac and Paul things have a way of backfiring! But then they meet Melody and discover a hidden world of wonderful inventions. However they also come across a secret too mind blowing to keep. The consequences of revealing what they discover, though, have almost fatal results.
Having really enjoyed the first novel involving these characters I found this sequel a little lacking.
Tracy Glover