An A to Z of dreaming differently by Tracey Dembo and Lucia Masciullo

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A beautifully illustrated alphabet book which will empower, support and intrigue the readers, has instant appeal as they rush to add positive words to those offered.  Each letter comes along with a sentence containing words that start with the letter, offering grounded advice about its place in people’s lives. I love O, as it tells of two words, Oh no! and Oops! leading on to the P as things do not go to Plan. O could have many other words attached, OMG being a very often used phrase although the word that starts with G seems to be changing as more people are saying Gosh or Goodness. Readers will love how the letter O goes across the page to P, showing that all Plans are not always successful but you can Pick yourself up and try again.

Each of the 26 letters has words attached that are positive and bold, entreating the reader to be themselves, and proud of it. Y is for Yourself and Z tells that some day will be Zig, and other days will be Zag, while many others will Zip along.

The book reminds children to be themselves, that its okay to act differently and to question. Positivity exudes on every page, encouraging the readers to take charge of their lives and be happy.

The soft, engaging illustrations reveal four friends and we follow their lives through the alphabet, supporting each other as they try to achieve their dreams. Teacher's notes and an activity are available.

Themes: Friendship, Alphabet, Life, Journeys.

Fran Knight