200 minutes of danger by Jack Heath

cover image

Scholastic Australia, 2020. ISBN: 9781760660857. 140pp. paperback
(Age: Middle years+) I can still feel my heart racing. 200 minutes of pure edge of your seat adventure and excitement that any reader would love. Especially reluctant readers.
Jack Heath is amazing. He manages to write 10 stories that should only take about 200 minutes to finish. So each story should be around 20 minutes long, which to me is brilliant because that is usually how long my silent reading lessons take. So, it's a perfect book for reluctant readers but extra special because it's a brilliant book. They are quick and different in their own way but intertwined with each other while also making the stories a standalone read.
Each story is action packed which grabbed me as soon as I started a different one. They were so good that it only took me one sitting to finish the entire book. All stories were well written and easy to follow. There is a mixture of characters from different backgrounds and sexes. Basically, ten ordinary kids in ten extraordinary situations.
If you want a fantastic, well written middle year read for any type of reader, especially reluctant readers, I wouldn't go past 200 minutes of danger. This is definitely going on my class reading shelf.
Maria Komninos