Wrestling Trolls: The final countdown by Jim Eldridge

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Hot Key Books, 2015. ISBN 9781471402692
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. The Final Countdown is book 6 in the series that sees Jack, a half troll and a prince, travelling with his friends, a talking horse and a phoenix. They follow the wrestling matches around the country and are quite famous for their wrestling skills. This book is 2 stories in one. In the first story, Jack receives a message for help from his grandfather. Despite being a rather unkind person, Jack decides he needs to help his grandfather. On arrival in the town, near where Jack's grandfather is being held, villagers try to stop Jack and his friends. Luckily, Jack gets to the castle but it is not his grandfather who is there to meet him. Jack has been tricked by the wizard named Wazza. Wazza is waiting for Jack and he wants Jack's ring. How will Jack get himself out of this mess?
In the second story, Jack and his group of friends head to Veto castle to help the orcs. The orcs are being kicked out of their kingdom by a mean troll who has claimed the throne. Ironically, Veto castle and the surrounding land is Jack's kingdom. He just doesn't want it. Jack's friends Dunk and Big Rock are arrested by the troll guard. To free them and save the orcs, Jack must wrestle the new king. Unfortunately, Jack's ring has been stolen. This ring helps him turn into a troll. How will he beat a troll in a wrestling match without it?
The Wresting Troll stories are fun and entertaining and highly recommended for readers aged 7+. The characters are quirky and the adventure moves quickly. They are easy to read and new readers don't have to read them in order as each story is separate from the previous one. The wrestling troll theme is a great way to engage reluctant readers who are wrestling fans.
Kylie Kempster