Guinness World Records 2023

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Guinness World Records books are borrowed constantly by students of all ages keen to catch up on a variety of quite extraordinary records achieved by individuals and groups. The latest 2023 edition will provide endless reading and browsing.

The striking cover and end papers of year’s book has a space/final frontier theme and indeed the introduction is called Missions. The Contents page this year lists ten chapters to browse through with the headings of Space, Life on earth, Human Body, Extraordinary Exploits, Around the World in 300 Records, Epic Engineering, Entertainment, Modern World and finally the ever-popular Sports. Each chapter lists the topics or people discussed with adjacent page numbers and recognises one Hall of Fame award under each main heading.

In the Around the World in 300 Records section, Australia’s list of six records includes the Lone Pine Sanctuary which is the world’s oldest koala sanctuary set up in 1927 by Claude Reid as well as the oldest rainforest, the Daintree, which dates back to around 180 million years.

Towards the end of the book is a Stop Press section where entries that came in after the closing date for submissions are added. This makes for very interesting reading. Did you know the longest time standing on one leg blindfolded goes to an Australian, 12-year-old Max Petoe who stood for 35 minutes? There is always so much to discover in the Guinness World Records book and this latest edition will fly off Library shelves.

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Themes: Achievements, Engineering, Space, Sport.

Kathryn Beilby