Peppa loves the Great Barrier Reef by Peppa Pig

cover image

Penguin, 2020. ISBN: 9780241457542.
Peppa loves the Great Barrier Reef is a story based on the popular children's TV show Peppa Pig, and seems to be part of a new range of Peppa Pig books aimed at Australian fans.
In this title, Peppa and her family visit their friend Kylie Kangaroo (who has been on other episodes) and spend time with her at her mother's work in a submarine on the Great Barrier Reef. The Pig family are amazed at how beautiful the coral is on the reef and make links to the fish tank at Kylie Kangaroo's house. They love the different sea life and rainbow coral, all that is missing is a chest full of treasure . . . or is it?
I think that this book missed a really good opportunity to talk a bit more about the Great Barrier Reef and how to protect it. All they said was not to take anything away, and then a treasure chest full of gold coins is discovered and taken away . . . Young readers would most likely not understand that a treasure chest and coral are different things (living and not) and may be confused by this part of the story.
Overall, the general storyline is okay and fits in very well with the other Peppa Pig books I have read before. The illustrations are bright and colourful and represent all the characters that fans of this show will recognise. The addition of the textural sparkles/glitter on the cover is also nice and helps the book stand out, which will inevitably draw in young fans of the show and possibly even those that have not seen it yet.
Lauren Fountain