Forging silver into stars by Brigid Kemmerer

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Years after the Cursebreaker series finishes, follow Tycho and meet new characters, Jax and Callyn, who live in a little village in Syhl Shallow, called Briarlock. Tycho works as the King's Courier, while Callyn runs her family bakery and Jax works at his father's forge. Callyn and Jax have been best friends for years, and support each other in their attempts to keep afloat - Callyn supporting her younger sister now that both their parents are gone, and Jax trying to survive his father, having lost his mother when he was born. Jax gets the two tangled in a strange postal role - accepting money from 'Lady Karyl' to hold a message which will be collected by another party. When Lord Tycho appears on the same day, they almost mistake him as the intended recipient of the letter - which they've discovered is sealed with the seal of the Truthbringers, the anti-magic resistance that is working in secret against the King. Suddenly, their lives are embroiled in a world of shifting alliances, dangerous flirtations and age-old magic, where deep loyalties will be tested.
This evenly paced, rich fantasy novel starts out years after Brigid Kemmerer's original Cursebreaker series. Readers met Tycho in the Cursebreaker series but now get the chance to know him, along with two new characters who become invovled in his life. The intrigue in this novel is so well written, with treachery afoot as well as potential romance, and threats to the throne. Old favourites are back, along with new enemies and Tycho must prove his loyalty as well as trust his instincts. Kemmerer has written such depth to these characters that readers will feel connected to many of them. Even if readers are new to the world of Emberfall and Syhl Shallow, they will quickly imagine it through the descriptive and immersive writing. Recommended for fans of the original series, but also fans of Lynette Noni, author of numerous fantasy series including The Prison Healer and The Medoran Chronicles.

Themes: Fantasy, Romance, LGBTQIA+, Loyalties, Magic, Revenge, Grudges, Trust.

Melanie Pages