Waiting for it by Chrissie Keighery

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Girl v the World series. Hardie Grant Egmont 2012. ISBN 13579108642.
Hazel is not finding the first year of high school very easy.  For a start, the boys have posted a list ranking all the girls in terms of their 'hotness'. Seventeen out of forty isn't too bad but the list thing makes her feel uncomfortable. Then there's all the anxiety about fitting in with the other girls. Sometimes Hazel feels like they treat her differently, as if she's not quite as important. It could be because she is the only one in her group of friends who hasn't got it - the only one who hasn't started having periods.
Life at home isn't much better. Mum doesn't treat Hazel like the grown up she is becoming and isn't concerned about the whole period thing at all. Even worse she has a dorky boyfriend who seems to be taking over the house with his yoga mats and strange music. Hazel can only conclude that being thirteen sucks.
This is one in a series of Girl v The World books aimed at young teen girls and the issues that preoccupy them. Waiting for it is realistically and sensitively written and certain to be a hit with its target audience. It is refreshing to read a book for young teens that is so honest and relevant.
Tina Cain