Guinness World records 2021

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Guinness World Records Limited, 2020. ISBN: 9781913484071.
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. Readers will not need an introduction to the fabulous Guinness World Records books and will find much to amaze and interest in the latest edition for 2021. The book is one that can be flicked through, with lots of great photos and captivating captions to grab attention, but it is also one that has a good Contents page that will direct the reader off to the right section. It features the following: Solar system, Natural world, Animals, Humans against the clock, Recordmania, Culture & society, Adventurers, Technology, Gaming, Pop Culture and Sports. All contain sub contents and page numbers and each one features one person in the hall of fame, for example Greta Thunberg in Culture and Society and Jane Goodall in Animals. There is also an Index and acknowledgments at the back of the book.
Beginning with the enticing cover, which features lots of small figures and intricate details, similar to Where's Wally?, the reader will be grabbed by the great photos and easy to read information. And they will find when they get to the end of the book, information on the illustrator Rod Hunt and instructions to find the 20 record holders that feature in his front and back covers. A humorous photo on the title page of the fastest electric ice-cream van (exuberant inventor Edd China, UK, reached 118.964 kmph in it) will grab attention and from then on the reader is sure to be fascinated by the interesting, well laid out records. In Pop Culture, one can find out who has the most followers on Instagram, by using the contents page, with the section on Social Media pg. 204 (Ariana Grande has 182, 260, 250 followers). Another flick through will show young achievers, with Jackson Oswalt became the youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion before his 13th birthday.
The Guinness World Records was founded in 1955 and has proved to be popular ever since. Visit for more information about how to become part of the record-breaking community and an answer to the original question (What's the fastest game bird in Europe?) that sparked its origin.
Pat Pledger