Fearsome dreamer by Laure Eve

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Hot Key Books, 2013. ISBN: 9781471400810.
(Age: Young adult) Recommended. Fearsome Dreamer is an incredible debut novel for French author Laure Eve. Built on an interesting idea and set between two 'worlds' this novel is a rich fantasy portrayed beside a possible reality.
World is becoming too reliant upon technology and addictions to 'Life' are becoming more common, many mothers refusing to care for their children. In World, anything in the physical world is a threat - it stands to reason then that White's Talent was a danger to him in World - before long he is fleeing to Angle Tar, the only anti-technological country left. Perhaps there he would be safe. In Angle Tar White finds himself in a school for Talented, and like in any school there is a rivalry between the most talented and White, the outsider, is clearly brimming with talent. Wren, his competitor feels threatened and the ensuing drama causes Wren to flee to World. White settles in World as a teacher, keeping himself mysterious and isolated he continues to blame himself for Wren's disappearance. But when a new student, headstrong young woman, Rue, begins to dream of a boy with silver eyes White finds himself loosing control of his life, his emotions and his future is thrown into a precarious position.
Containing the traditional themes of belonging and the importance of honesty this novel combines fantasy, romance and mystery all in one. I would recommend for a young adult audience, it is a compelling, easy to read text with shifting perspectives showing the reader the bigger picture.
Kayla Gaskell (Student)