Charles Darwin's On the origin of species by Sabina Radeva

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It is refreshing to read and view a picture book retelling of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. The concept for children and indeed adults is both daunting and complex, but this beautifully illustrated and well-presented book is the perfect introduction to this well-known scientific theory. In 1859 after travelling the world and observing nature, Charles Darwin changed the thinking of his generation that everything in the world began at the same time. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is explained thoughtfully in the book, often with humour, and written in an easy to comprehend story-like format so young readers will grasp some if not all of the concepts. There is information about variations and differences and how these help with survival and can be passed down through generations and how some babies of species may not survive and those that do are better able to adapt and breed in their environment. Also, that useful traits can passed on to future generations. In the final pages is an Author’s Note, Appendix, Misconceptions, Glossary and Recommended Literature.

The author and illustrator, Sabina Radeva, has a science background with a degree in Molecular Biology. She has created an excellent resource for children that will have a place in any school or public library.

Themes: Animals, Habitats, Behaviours, Adaptations, Charles Darwin, Scientists, Theory of Evolution.

Kathryn Beilby