Ghost Club: The New Kid by Deborah Abela

cover image

Random House Australia, 2012. ISBN 978 1 74275 080 4.
(Ages: 8-12) 'Who ya gonna call?' Ghost Club. Like the 80's film Ghostbusters, Ghost Club is called in to deal with pesky and downright dangerous ghosts.  Young Angeline and Edgar are two of the best ghost catchers the club has and we follow them on a variety of ghostly pursuits. Competent and well equipped with many ghost busting gadgets, the brother and sister duo deal with frightening spectres with calm and aplomb.
As the title suggests, a new kid named Dylan joins the Ghost Club and is teamed up with Angeline and Edgar.  Dylan does not show the excitement or fearlessness the other long term members have and he (as would I) is horrified and fearful of the ghostly activities around him.  
This is a fun, ghostly romp with a mystery to solve at Castle Koszmar, where a very angry ghostly figure is causing havoc. It seems ghosts have feelings too you know!
There are a variety of bizarre and entertaining characters in this novel and to add to the drama the children are being secretly filmed and watched by a disapproving eye.
This is a slightly spooky read for 8 to 12 year olds and students who have enjoyed the novel will be happy to know there is another book on the way.
Jane Moore