Whale Pot Bay by Des Hunt

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HarperCollins, 2009. ISBN 9781869507305
(Ages 8+) Des Hunter very cleverly tells a tale of mystery, adventure and intrigue, interwoven within a story of a young boy who has to cope with big adjustment in his family life.
Whale Pot Bay, the setting for this story, is described as a New Zealand beach paradise, isolation and tranquillity its biggest selling point.
Jake and his dad live in Whale Pot Bay contented with their quiet life together. Jake's mum ran from the bay soon after Jake started school; the isolation was too much for her. Life went on very nicely for Jake and his Dad, they worked together at the service station, surfed and fished when they liked, ate what they liked and worked till midnight if they wished! A life they were both very happy to maintain forever or so Jake thought.
Soon after Jake's thirteenth birthday, with the introduction of Vicky and Stephanie, life as Jake knew it certainly did change. What was Jake to do, would he survive, could he get things back the way they were, was there a way out?
Milton Summer, international rock star, establishes his retreat in the bay, living in splendour on top of the cliff. Stephanie is Milton's biggest fan, Milton wants to surf, Jake can teach Milton. Their separate lives come together as their mutual love and concern for the whales needs to bring them into action, they would do anything to save them. Sounds like a perfect match, what could go wrong?
Jake and Milton's quiet life quickly disappears as the mysteries of the Paparazzi, Tsunami, and a madman unfold  as Jake and his friends are challenged trying to save Pimi the whale and her yet to be born calf.
This is an easy to read story with adventure, mystery and intrigue on every page. A great story for young boys and girls, although I think the cover may not be so appealing to them.
Margaret Unsworth