How to be Prime Minister and survive Grade Five by Carla Fitzgerald

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How to be Prime Minister and Survive Grade Five by Carla Fitzgerald is an amusing and entertaining novel. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride with fifth-grader, Piper and her sister, Lottie as they manoeuvre through life in the spotlight.

Piper is an average grade five student who loved her old school, her old home and her simple life. That was before her Dad’s ‘heroic act’ changed everything! Who would have thought rescuing two kids AND a labradoodle from a shark, while on your boogie board, would lead to becoming Prime Minister of Australia! 

Now Piper finds herself in a life that causes her even greater anxieties. Kirribilli House and Oceanview College, with security and cameras following her everywhere, is not the life she enjoys. And to make matters worse, her mum is away, and she has woken to find her Dad is leaving unexpectedly for a ‘conference’ to who knows where.

When she discovers his phone has been left behind, she must deal with the dramas of overbearing politicians and support staff who want to speak to her Dad immediately. What is she to do? Desperate to save her Dad’s already flailing reputation, Piper’s love and loyalty sees her making some rash decisions to cover up his disappearance. Can she, along with Lottie, ingeniously trick the world into believing her Dad is simply at home sick or will everything come untangled and her father be exposed? 

Carla Fitzgerald has created a highly engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking novel. This story will appeal to many readers who enjoy humour, fun and a little bit of politics. With an underlying thread throughout the novel of loyalty, resilience, strength and persistence, this story has something for everyone to reflect on. With a resounding message of 'If not me, then who?', audiences will feel motivated to face their own fears and give everything a go. Teacher's notes are available.

Themes: Resilience, Politics, Family, Friendship, Problem solving, Creativity.

Michelle O'Connell