These jokes will annoy everyone you know

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Kids love joke books. The appeal and demand are such that I can’t keep them on the shelves at my school library and so snapped up the chance to review this one and add it to the collection.  

A joke book breaks reading into bite size chunks, with no expectation to sit down and read from start to finish. It makes reading more enticing for a reluctant or less confident reader, with the instant ‘reward’ of fun and a laugh. It provides a simple way for kids to interact with those around them - after all, no one sits and silently reads a joke book to themself, where's the fun in that?! And joke books challenge thinking and increase general knowledge and vocabulary – a reader often needs to put together different parts of a joke and/or visualise concepts to understand WHY it’s funny.  

This particular joke book is for all the lovers of ‘dad jokes’. Lots of the jokes are tried and true, while others are new.  

The blurb says 'jokes so silly, so bad, so annoying, your friends and family will never forgive you'. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! This book is a mix of laugh out loud and absolute groaners. It is broken into 15 chapters/categories, from school jokes, ridiculous riddles and animal jokes to Christmas, Halloween, Easter, knock-knock, toilet humour and sport jokes. For readers 7+ this will become a firm favourite.

Themes: Humour.

Kylie Grant