K-9 by Rohan Gavin

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Knightley & Son series, Bk 2. Bloomsbury, 2014. ISBN: 9781408851432
(Age: 12 - 14) In this second installment of Knightley & Son, thirteen year old detective Darkus Knightley returns to fight another evil villain. With his companion ex-war dog Wilbur, Darkus is drawn into the frightening disappearances of pet dogs on Hampstead Heath and the mysterious sightings of ferocious 'smart dogs' roaming the streets of London. Even more menacing is a hairy werewolf-like creature causing havoc as well, Knightley & Son are needed again.
Darkus is a highly intelligent boy whose life needs order or his catastrophiser takes over. His decision to leave school, find his father and assist in this investigation, sets him on a dark and dangerous path. His father is still suffering from bouts of deep coma-like sleep and his son steps up to solve the mysteries. Along to help are his sister Tilly and his Scottish Uncle Bill, Darkus needs their assistance to foil the plans of Barabas King and his attack dogs.
Darkus and his family traverse London in search of the beast and the tension builds as the full moon approaches. Uncle Bill is captivated by celebrity dog-trainer Fiona Connelly, who lives with her many dogs next to Hampstead Heath. The fast-paced adventure is full of twists and turn and unexpected outcomes.
Rohan Gavin has written another great detective novel, however, there are some frightening scenes involving animals and more mature concepts included. This book is suited to an audience from 12-14 years.
Rhyllis Bignell