Daisy and the trouble with Christmas by Kes Gray

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Red Fox, 2010. ISBN 9781862304970.
Junior Fiction. One in the series about the lovable but slightly odd young girl, Daisy, this one revolves around her involvement in Christmas. It is the time of the year that she really enjoys, but it has its troubles. Mainly the trouble with Christmas is that the excitement starts in September, and then all the way to December are all the other chores she must do to prepare for the big day. She must write letters, and decide what to ask for, she must be involved with the Christmas play at school, then of course November has Guy Fawkes Night with its attendant bonfire. All of these things cause trouble to the girl as she tells us what happens on each of these nights, showing us the trouble she gets into as a result of her excitement. A lovely story to read out loud, this book gives a different view of Christmas than the one usually presented in books for children, and so will be a refreshing change to have in the classroom at that time of the year.
Fran Knight