Earth matters by Carole Wilkinson. Illus. by Hilary Cresp

cover image

The brief introduction to Earth Matters talks about how over the past 50 years maximum temperatures have been creeping higher and there have been record droughts, floods and bushfires. This is a sobering thought for most adults and young people with this new release carefully explaining the history of how and why this has happened. There is an initial explanation of the difference between climate and weather which leads onto Earth's atmosphere and to global warming and greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels, renewable and non-renewable energy, extreme weather and waste are clearly discussed in an easy-to-understand and follow manner. The book cleverly offers a plan to enable students to see how they can help change the destructive path Earth is heading down as well as giving very do-able options for making better choices in the future.

This is beautifully presented book with a striking cover and end papers. The simple pastel illustrations used throughout book complement the text perfectly and give the reader images to focus on. There is a Contents page as well as a detailed Glossary and Index. This book is a very interesting and informative read and would be a welcome addition to any school or public library.

Themes: Climate Change, Planet Earth, Choices.

Kathryn Beilby