Elephant alert by Jackie French

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Ill. by Terry Whidborne. Animal Rescue series. Scholastic, Australia: 2012. ISBN 9781741698480.
Recommended for readers 8+. Jackie French has taken the plight of endangered animals as the theme of her new Animal Rescue series. With her easy to read style and engaging if unusually talented characters, her environmental message is conveyed with humour and action. Elephant facts at the end add to the veracity of the message.
Leo wishes something cool would happen as he sits talking with his guinea pig one hot afternoon. He is friendless and considered weird by his school mates. Then a robot gorilla arrives with an invitation to tea from Mozz, granddaughter of Dr Drizzsock, local scientist. Just a normal Sunday really!
This is the beginning of an amazing adventure to rescue elephants from a tsunami threatening to engulf their island home off of Sumatra. Leo's talent for speaking animal, rather than his friendship with Mozz, is the reason he finds himself in the Sky Tiger, a jet made entirely of recycled material, with Mozz and Fuzz, a jealous 3 legged woof pup, flying faster than the speed of sound.
With the occasional illustration to add to the narrative, this is an engaging series for the young adventurous environmentalist who will gain some information about endangered animals whilst enjoying the developing friendship between Mozz and Leo.
Sue Keane