Speck of the stars by Henry Boffin

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Speck of the Stars by Henry Boffin is the first novel in a fabulous new Starfall Saga series. This brand-new space odyssey adventure feels like some sort of twist on Harry Potter meets Star Trek. With a lead character who is highly relatable and endearing, you will be intrigued and invested from the opening chapter. Jam-packed with suspense and excitement, along with aliens and monsters, this story is a great series for anyone who enjoys science fiction or just loves an interesting adventure.

Floating in a Galaxy far, far away is the Grand Orbital Library which stores all the history of the Galaxy. On this spectacular spaceship lives Speck, a twelve-year-old human orphan who has been raised by droids. He was found, as a baby, by the High Librarian Keeper who sensed this orphan had an important purpose. Given to the ship’s droids to care for, he lives with his robot brother and mother, U-T and Mother-bot.

Speck is a curious and courageous human, but he is unsure of how and where he fits into the world of bots and keepers. When the Night Eaters arrive with a secret discovery, Speck’s curiosity is heightened. Sent by the High Librarian to work with the Guild Leader of the Night Eaters, he wonders if he will find his true calling. But when Speck’s snooping discovers the dangerous Starchild his actions have vast consequences. Can Speck really be anything he wants to be, or will his adventures prove too dangerous for himself and all other galaxy dwellers alike?

Henry Boffin has created an exciting and captivating novel. It is wonderful to have a story with a strong male protagonist who has the courage to create his own destiny, while showing compassion for others. This is a great new series that will be enjoyed by many – sci fi lover or not!

Themes: Science Fiction, Adventure, Problem solving, Courage.

Michelle O'Connell