Circus hearts series by Ellie Marney

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Bearded Lady Press, 2018.
All the Little Bones. ISBN 9780648088530
All fall downISBN 9780648088554
All Aces. ISBN 9780648088578
(Age: 16+) Recommended. Themes: Circus. Romance. Ellie Marney has written another exciting set of books that will appeal to readers who like romance with a dash of mystery and excitement. It is unusual to find YA books set in the circus, but this series shows what circus life is like. The young people who are the main characters all display different talents that show off the amazing skills that circus performers bring to the big top as well as the dedication and hard work that goes into keeping fit for a performance. It also looks at the many people who are needed to maintain the mechanics of the circus ring.
In the first in the series, All the little bones, Marney brings all the excitement and glamour of the trapeze artists. Seventeen year old Sorsha arrives at Klatschs Karnival with strongman Colm after fleeing from a terrible crime at their last circus. It is just a matter of time before the police catch up with them.
In All fall down, Fleur the daughter of the ringmaster, and Marco, the son of the bearded lady, are faced with a saboteur who is determined to finish the circus off. As they try to find who is behind the accidents, their attraction to one another flares up.
In the 3rd in the series, All aces, Ren Putri, a teenage contortionist is determined to help Zep Deal the young cardsharp who has been suspected of being behind the sabotage. Ren is great at problem solving and working out mysteries and she is determined to prove Zep's innocence.
This an easy to read group of romantic suspense books, with strong, intelligent young women and delightful, caring young men. As all the characters are older teens, and romance is key to the stories, there are some sexual encounters, but not ones that are too graphic - the series is probably aimed at a New Adult audience rather than younger teens. The books are easy to read, and would make a wonderful summer holiday read.
Pat Pledger