Wildlife compendium of the world by Tania McCartney

cover image

Author and illustrator Tania McCartney has produced another fascinating and beautifully illustrated publication. With the title Wildlife Compendium of the World, this book will take the reader on a journey across all continents and provide a snapshot of many of the wonderful habitats, biomes, ecosystems and environments that sustain the diverse wildlife that exists on Earth.

The striking cover with embossed letters set into a rich coppery-coloured circle surrounded by a variety of creatures, is followed by gorgeous end papers showcasing the star formations seen in the night sky. The contents page is clearly set out beginning with A Global Tour and ending with Animal Rights. This is followed by a concise double page glossary.

The information is divided into continents and the animals profiled range from the more familiar to those less well-known. Each animal is given its Latin name, type, diet, size, weight, conservation status, facts plus the collective noun or baby name. For example, a group of wildebeests is called a confusion and a baby ptarmigan is a cheeper. Did you know a Fire salamander is an acid squirter champ and the world’s most dangerous bird is the Southern Cassowary?

The text is easily accessible for middle primary students but will also appeal to older students and adults. The superb images are clearly labelled, and each has a curious fact highlighted beside it. This book is packed full of interesting information and will entertain young readers for hours. A very worthy addition to a home, school or public library.

Themes: Wildlife, World, Interesting Facts, Continents.

Kathryn Beilby