I think that it's a monster by Steven Krygger. Illus. by Andrew McIntosh

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Appearances can be deceiving and this little monster hunter knows it! At first glimpse or if taken by surprise he says most people would hide from these creatures he finds. But this beast with green and slimy skin, a hundred eyes and huge feet is just a fish-man in the sea. And the creature making that scary rustling sound, with it's thousand arms? It's just a gooey, bird-like thing, not to be feared at all! 'Why would I think they're monsters? They did nothing wrong to me. A thing is not a monster, because of how it looks, A thing is not a monster, because its hands are made of hooks.'

This is actually a wonderfully written story, unfortunately let down by some less than good computer-generated illustrations. The message, that a monster is determined by actions not appearance, is so pertinent, as is the concluding argument that most monsters are just looking for a friend.

Themes: Monsters, Fear, Appearances, Rhyming Story.

Nicole Nelson