Tad by Benji Davies

cover image

HarperCollins, 2019. ISBN: 9780008212797.
Tad was the smallest tadpole in the pond - so small she had to wiggle her tail twice as fast as her brothers and sisters to keep up - but that didn't deter her from being brave. Even though the others warned her about Big Blub, a great, big, nasty fish who was as old as the mud he lived in at the bottom of the pond, she wasn't afraid because she not only refused to believe in him but also made sure she kept to the shallow, sunny parts of the pond or hid carefully so he couldn't find her - just in case he was real. But as the days went on, Tad's sisters and brothers seem to be dwindling in numbers until at last she was the only one left. And here comes Big Blub. He is REAL. What will she do?
Benji Davies has created a beautiful story that not only introduces young readers to the life cycle of frogs - a common topic in early biology curricula - but also to the concept of growing and changing and being brave enough to take the next step, generally. With its stunning illustrations, it is full of opportunities and ideas to talk about, consolidating that special bond between reader and child and the stories they share.
Barbara Braxton