Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile: The Junior Novelization by Bernard Waber

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When 12-year old Josh Primm and his family move to New York City, they are surprised to discover a crocodile living in their attic - a crocodile that is fun, playful, and can sing! Josh and Lyle become best friends but then Lyle's former owner turns up to claim him for a new musical act and despite the issues Lyle has caused with a neighbour, the Primms realise how much Lyle means to them and that they need to keep him as part of the family.

Based on the original story by Bernard Waber, this is the novelisation of the film currently so popular with young children, making it an ideal addition to any family or school collection as we encourage them to read and revisit the fun they have shared. Knowing the scenario will support those who are consolidating their skills while others may seek out the original as well as others in the series and others by the same author, expanding reading horizons beyond the screen.

The official trailer can be found here.

Themes: Crocodiles, Humour.

Barbara Braxton