Dragon legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang

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A sequel to Dragon Mountain, we travel into the Dragon Realm to defeat the Dragon of Death. Dragon Legend is a story about twelve-year-old Billy and his friends Charlotte and Ling-Fei and their search to find good friend Dylan. This adventurous story begins with the children in a cave, along with their very own bonded dragons Spark, Buttons, Xing and Tank. The children and their dragons need to work together to defeat the Dragon of Death and save their life as they know it. They travel through a portal back in time to search for their friend Dylan, who can help them defeat the Dragon of Death. Dylan, who had previously been kidnapped by Old Gold, was once trusted but now seen as a traitor to them all. Dylan and the children work together with Old Gold's grandson JJ, who they don't know if they can fully trust and travel through a portal back in time to begin their quest.

Together, their close bond of friendship and the magical pearls for extra powers support them in fighting evil and black magic, but will it be enough? The dangers and experiences that they encounter in this new place are both exciting and captivating, keeping the reader enthralled and engaged. During the story, Billy begins to doubt his reasons for being there and his ability to fight the greater evil. Spark, his bonded dragon, reminds him that he is 'loyal, strong, brave and true' and their reason for being there is to save them all for both current and future times.

As they fly throughout the land, they notice many slain dragons. They discover that these dragons have refused to join the Dragon of Death and conquer the land they know. Will they have enough strength to fight and defeat the Dragon of Death, especially if Old Gold joins the forces? Will they be able to find the magical pearls that will give them extra powers? This sequel keeps the reader turning each page to discover what will happen next. An enchanting story with strong imagery throughout, it leaves the reader feeling they are along for the journey. This story will be enjoyed by all who love mythical adventures, suspense and thrills.

Themes: Adventure, Dragons, Fantasy, Friendship, Loyalty,.

Michelle O'Connell