The complete guide to a dog's best friend by Felicity Gardner and David West

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Lothian Children's Books, 2014. ISBN 9780734415417
Recommended for 3-6 year olds. In this funny picture book, an older dog shares his wisdom about human owners with young, rambunctious puppies of all shapes and breeds. He knows everything there is to know about being a best friend - it's your job to wake them up, to cheer them up and lead the way.
Each double page spread has the simple words of advice emphasized in large, bold text - make sure you eat up the treats quickly, and when they arrive home, greet them straight away. The illustrations are bold and full of life, each of the dogs is a comical character, there's the handbag Yorkie, hot dog dachshund, the embarrassed puppy in the plastic collar and the poor Old English Sheepdog suffering in the bath.
Young dog owners will enjoy engaging with the text and pictures.
Rhyllis Bignell