In my garden by Kate Mayes and Tamsin Ainslie

cover image

The beautiful and striking front cover of In My Garden will appeal to readers both young and old. This delightful picture book showcases the diversity of gardens from around the world and includes the following countries: Japan, America, Malawi, Iceland, New Zealand, Syria, Laos, Canada, Italy, Brazil and Australia. The front and back end papers, both different but sharing similarities, will provide a clue to the diverse worlds the reader will enter.

Each stunningly illustrated double page spread introduces a child by name and shares the plants and creatures they can see as well as a personal insight into their thoughts and feelings. The language used is reflective and lyrical and is perfectly complemented by the gorgeous water colour images. There is Aiko from Japan who “hears the sound of the sweetest nightingale hidden”, Ari from New Zealand “guards little blue penguins”, Freyja from Iceland “keeps watch through the night for Northern Lights’, Sami from Syria is remembering another garden away from where he now sees “the night sky lights up, fire against the hills”, and for Olivia from Australia “the billabong is her favourite place.”

This wonderful book will be a worthy addition to a home, school or public library. There is so much learning to be shared and discussion to be had around the variety of plants and creatures throughout the world. Teacher notes are available.

Themes: Gardens, Nature, Diversity, Countries of the World, Children.

Kathryn Beilby