All the invisible things by Orlagh Collins

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Bloomsbury, 2019. ISBN: 9781408888339.
(Age: 13+) Highly recommended. Vetty's world changes dramatically when her mother dies, and her father takes her and her sister to live closer to their aunt to make life a little easier for them all while they come to terms with their loss. Aunt Wendy lives with her partner Fran and the family are welcomed with open arms and what is supposed to be a short stay ends up being a few years. Vetty is devastated to leave behind her best friend Pez as they are inseparable, and no one knows her as well as he does. They live across the road from each other and spend all their spare time together.
Unfortunately, they drift apart while she is away and when the time comes to move back home Vetty hopes that despite this they will be able to pick up from where they left off. At her farewell get together with her friends, they are all joking about boys and who they'd secretly love to kiss and Vetty lets it slip that she might enjoy kissing a girl in their friendship group. The girls laugh it off as if she is joking because they know she is good friends with Pez her childhood friend and are convinced she and him will be boyfriend/girlfriend. Vetty is mortified that she revealed, albeit accidently, being attracted to both girls and boys but as she is moving back to her old home, she is glad she won't have to be embarrassed in front of her friends if the topic comes up again.
When Pez and Vetty finally catch up again things are a little different to the way they were before. Vetty feels Pez has changed in so many ways and is keeping things from her but despite this they fall back into hanging out together again, even if things can feel awkward at times. Vetty isn't sure how she feels when she learns Pez has a girlfriend. Is she jealous as a friend or as a love interest? Pez introduces her to his friends and one of them, Rob, shows interest in her and they date. When Vetty meets March, Pez's girlfriend she finds herself attracted to her. March and Vetty become close friends and after spending a lot of time together Vetty again questions her sexuality. She tries to talk to Aunt Wendy about being bisexual, but Wendy thinks she's trying to tell her she's gay and Vetty becomes despondent and confused, especially after March kissed her.
Pez reveals a secret to Vetty and things come to a head during a party. There is an accident involving Pez and during this tumultuous and frightening time Vetty becomes more and more despondent. What will happen to Pez and how will Vetty tell March she is attracted to her?
This book explores coming of age, bisexuality, sexuality, friendship and grief. I really enjoyed reading it and would highly recommend it.
Gerri Mills