The Yelling Stones by Oskar Jensen

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Hot Key Books, 2015. ISBN 9781471404115 (Age: 10+) Highly recommended. The Yelling Stones are said to the bodies of 3 witches who were turned to stone many, many years ago. These stones vibrate with power and draw weird creatures, witches and power seekers to them. Astrid and her family rule the land of the Yelling Stones. Winter is nearly over in the north and young Astrid is ready for an adventure. When a wolf attack leads Leif into her family and her life, Astrid's wish is granted. Leif is a story teller and someone is speaking though him. Are they future predictions or warnings? When the trolls are attacked and witches start to appear, it is up to Astrid and Leif to solve the problem. What is this winged creature in the predictions? Who is this strange man insisting Astrid's family turn to his people's God. The Yelling Stones is aimed at independent readers aged 10+ and highly recommended for anyone who likes fantasy and mystery. The Danish setting and ways of this old Viking lifestyle will engage readers as our main characters are attacked and encounter strange creatures. The text is easy to read and the events move quickly. The idea of new people entering another country and expecting them to change their ways is a common theme in History and would be a good novel to discuss in the class. Kylie Kempster