Goddess by Josephine Angelini

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Macmillan Children's Books, 2013. ISBN: 9780330529761.
Goddess by Josephine Angelini is a fantasy novel that is the third and final book in a trilogy about the extravagance of the Greek gods. Helen is a young woman who is a daughter of the powerful Zeus and sister of the beautiful Aphrodite with powerful friends both on earth and on Olympus, Helen is a very powerful young woman. But when she gets flashbacks from the lives of other Helens throughout history and sees her friends playing different roles through time, Helen becomes torn when her one true love in every other life is her cousin in this one! Along with this new revelation, Helen is more powerful than herself and others fathomed due to the accidental combination of the different houses bloodlines with her two closest friends and torn affections, Orion and Lucas. This is a long prophesised occurrence and Helen soon learns something life changing from her uncle Hades about this new development. The world is in danger from the gods and goddesses of Olympus and she is both the cause and the saviour. Helen must quickly find a way to save the man she loves and resist him at the same time while saving the world and her semi-mortal family from her immortal one.
Goddess is a faced paced action novel that draws the reader in with curiosity and mystery, slowing the pace only to allow the timeless romance of forbidden love. This novel is well suited to older teens due to the action and romance themes as well as people who have read the other books in the series. Drawing you in with mythology, Goddess isn't a book that you can put down easily.
Sarah Filkin (Student)