Further adventures of Pelle No-Tail by Gosta Knutsson

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Schwartz Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781863959391
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. Further Adventures of Pelle No-Tail is the story of a very adventurous and well-loved cat. His owner, Brigitta, treats Pelle like one of the family. Olle, her brother, loves Pelle too but tends to get into a bit more mischief where Pelle is concerned. Unfortunately, the other cats in Pelle's life are very jealous of Pelle and are always trying to embarrass him. Despite this, Pelle still tries to be friends with them all and trusts them each and every time.
Each chapter in this novel is a new adventure starring Pelle. Readers will find out how Pelle is a success at the Spring Fair, how he beats the other cats at the quiz and how he is rescued from an island.
Further Adventures of Pelle No-Tail are lovely stories with easy to read text. Even though they have been translated from Swedish to English, the translations have kept the Swedish names as well as the different ways the word 'yes' is used. Each story is also an excellent lesson in pet care, friendship and accepting others for who they are.
The stories are short, making them a good read out loud story for classrooms as well as before bedtime reading at home. The theme of trusting others is also very strong, making the events a good discussion point for the Child Protection curriculum.
Kylie Kempster