Peppa Pig : George and the Dinosaur

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Penguin Random House UK, 2020. ISBN: 9780241392478.
(Age: Preschool) Recommended for fans of Peppa Pig series. Another one in the very popular series, this time the focus is on George who absolutely loves dinosaurs. With his friends Richard and Edmond, he digs in the playground and in the garden, hoping to find the bones of a dinosaur. Then Mummy Pig takes the children to the beach, where Miss Rabbits tells them about fossils. Little did anyone believe that George would discover a huge dinosaur fossils hidden in a big rock. What a stunning find!
As always, the book is illustrated in lovely bright colours and fans will love the sight of George dressed in khaki, carrying a magnifying glass and looking very professional as he searches for dinosaur bones. Children will learn about fossils and the different names of dinosaurs as Miss Rabbit takes the children along the beach, and they will have lots of fun making up a name for the dinosaur fossil that George has found.
A good choice for a read aloud, children will love the connection to the TV characters.
Pat Pledger