Friday Barnes: Collision course by R.A. Spratt

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Collision Course, the exciting twelfth instalment in R.A. Spratt's well-loved Friday Barnes series is here! Bringing another dose of clever sleuthing and high-stake adventures, the readers will not be disappointed.

Once again, the audience will find themselves immersed in the world of the courageous young detective, Friday Barnes. As the story quickly unfolds, Friday finds herself embroiled in a whirlwind of danger and intrigue when she is falsely accused of terrorism and faces imminent arrest by the Paris police. Friday must quickly decide what her next steps will be.

Luckily, she has her great allies, Melanie and Ian to help work out a plan. Friday discovers her mother has already been arrested in Switzerland, and together they must navigate a perilous path to clear her name and uncover the truth behind the sinister plot that threatens the Barnes’ family. But, how will she possibly get across the border undetected, help her mother and clear her own name? This will definitely need some ingenious strategies!

Friday Barnes, with her super sharp intellect and unflappable determination, once again proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with. Fearlessly tackling each new challenge that comes her way, alongside her loyal friends Melanie and Ian, Friday embarks on a thrilling journey.

Friday must navigate and manoeuvre her way amongst her very intriguing physicist family members, police and lawyers. However, with Ian’s sudden disappearance, can Friday focus on each twist and turn that is thrown at her, or will everything become too much?

Spratt, has again, masterfully weaved a web of suspense as Friday cleverly navigates each crime as it unfolds, and keep readers guessing until the very end. Collision Course is a must-read for fans of the Friday Barnes series and newcomers alike. With its gripping storyline, compelling characters, and expertly crafted suspense, this latest novel is sure to leave readers eagerly anticipating another one of Friday's adventures.

Themes: Detective, Adventure, Suspense, Mystery, Determination, Bravery, Friendship, Teamwork, Problem solving, Neurodiversity.

Michelle O'Connell