Birthday Girl by Meredith Badger

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Go Girl series. Hardie Grant Egmont, 2012. 91 pages.
(Ages: 6-9) This is a simple early chapter book with large text, a smattering of black and white illustrations and a simple yet engaging storyline. Annabelle usually loves her birthday and her birthday party. Her uncle is fantastic at helping her create and make her party invitations. Her mum always makes a great cake and together they plan interesting themed 'at-home' parties like her 'school pool' party last year. Her friends always love Annabelle's parties. But Annabelle has just been to her best friend Nicole's birthday party at the rock climbing centre and they had a beautiful cake from the bakery with chocolate curls on top. While everyone is gushing about how great Nicole's party has been Annabelle is busy thinking about her own birthday party . . . how can it possibly be as great as a rock-climbing birthday party with a shop bought cake?
Feeling the pressure to conform and have a 'grown-up' party Annabelle turns to the wisdom of the online 'party princess' which informs her that 'mocktail parties' are 'so hot right now'. Her party promises to be very mature this year but when the big day comes Annabelle realises that her lovingly planned and created birthday parties are far more special than a bakery cake, exotic foods and grown-up games.
Nicole Smith-Forrest