Dads and dogs by Mick Elliott

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Dads of all persuasion are given a nod in this funny look at the sort of dogs that accompany dads. Dads are muddy, singing, dancing, they are also busy, shopping, and footy dads. They ride bikes, and have coffee, draw and play with their kids in the playground. But what ever they do, a dog is by their side. Footy dad has a fluffy dog. Reading dad has a rescue dog and painting dad has a guard dog. A child also accompanies each dad, helping, doing things, being shown or helped, the child is part of the dad’s orbit. Each of the twenty four dads occupies one page, the trio, dad, child and dog shown in blocks of colour almost like an image seen through a telescope. Dad are cooking dads, dashing, digging and surfing fans, including their child and dogs in whatever they do. Mick Elliott points out that there is no training to be a dad or a mum and this book presents many easy moments when everyone is just muddling through. Whatever the muddle, dads are there to support and encourage.

An introduction by Mick Elliott to his book can be viewed here.

Themes: Inclusivity, Fathers, Family, Dogs, Diversity, Humour.

Fran Knight