A footy tail by Alex Johnston. Illus. by Gregg Dreise

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A group of bunnies at the park practise their moves: they run and jump, sprint and tackle and hop, but never get anywhere near good enough to defeat the other teams. With names like Panthers and Sharks, Tigers and Bulldogs, the Bunnies have no hope. The Sea Eagles and Roosters, Eels, Broncos and Dragons, all have skills which the Bunnies can only dream of. Dejected the Bunnies feel lost until a Crow tells them he can help them win. The first thing he says is that they must allow other players to join them. The Rabbits are not happy, but Crow talks them around and goes off to find some super skilled creatures.

Inspired by the rise of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, NRL star Alex Johnston has used his experience and knowledge of the game to present a highly readable verse story of the rise of the Bunnies in the face of stronger teams.

Resilience, working together and  team work are displayed within this story of the Bunnies’ rise from an underdog team to one that wins through spirited work on their skills and the welcoming of others to join their team. The wise Crow directs their game, inviting others within the animal community to join the team.

Themes: Rugby League Football, Resilience, Teamwork.

Fran Knight