Prometheus High: How to make a monster by Stuart Wilson

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Athena Strange is... different. So different that she doesn't fit in at her school, and she gets in trouble at home for her experiments. Then one of her experiments catches the attention of a specialist school - Pometheus High. Held on an old ocean liner, the school is extremely exclusive, only taking a small number of students with a certain... thirst for creation. These students are enrolled to learn how to resurrect the dead, how to create beings. The perfect place for Athena. Right? When her lessons in reanimation and skulkers move too slowly, she decides to move ahead on her own. And since she started weeks after everyone else, it's not like she is finding making friends easy, so she may as well take matters into her own hands. But this ship has science and magic, maybe monsters and a few mysteries, will Athena manage to make it on her own?

The first in a new series called Prometheus High, How to make a Monster introduces readers to the strange world of an unusual high school, where the students are learning obscure science. Following Athena for the majority of the book, different perspectives are thrown in occasionally, giving a nice variety and roundness to the story. With a variety of characters - from fellow students to teachers, or 'creators', there are many characters to keep readers interested. Evenly paced, the novel reads quickly as it is well written. A new kind of Frankenstein mixed with magic akin to the Skulduggery Pleasant series, this series may appeal to fans of these or for those interested in a quirky story.

Themes: Fantasy, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Horror, Experiments, High School, Relationships, Monsters.

Melanie Phillips