Sneaky shadows by SC Manchild

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Illus. by Sam Caldwell. Berbay Publishing, 2020. ISBN: 9780648529163.
(Age: 4+) The bright end papers will alert the reader to the play which lies within, as two penguins stand on each other, with arms extended up, making their shadow more like a rabbit, and underneath they have their arms extended out, the shadow making the image of an eagle in flight, and again the two make the shadow of a dog's face.
Berbay Publishing aims to publish imaginative books of a high standard, enriching the reader with their playfulness. To this end books are published from around the world, many having been published to acclaim overseas. More about Bebay Publishing can be found on their website.
Melbourne based author, Manchild has teamed with Glaswegian illustrator Caldwell to produce a book which will delight and amuse as children work out how each shadow is made. From the endpapers, readers' imaginations will have been stirred, seeing the different shadows made by the two penguins. The first two shadows are easy to guess, and lure the readers into something more difficult over the page. Each shadow from then on is an amalgam, a combination of one animal with other things entwined somehow to make a shadow that is nothing like the original animal. Kids will laugh at the combination of things to make an unusual shadow, and try their own shadow play as a result. Themes: Shadow, Shadow puppets, Humour.
Fran Knight