My dead bunny by Sigi Cohen

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Ill James Foley. Walker Books, 2015. ISBN 9781922179593
(Age: 7+) Recommended. Zombies, Horror, Verse tale, Humour. Brad the bunny was fried last holidays when the rabbit's owner and his friends played video games, while the pet rabbit played with the electrical cord. They buried him in the backyard, but the boy was so upset that he dug him up again putting him not back in the grave, but on the rubbish heap. The video game, Zombie Terror 3, comes to life as Brad the dead rabbit terrorises the household as a zombie.
This is a very funny take on zombies and horror video games, with the verses using laugh out loud rhyming words are sure to tickle the fancy of younger readers. Brad's disheveled appearance, googly pink eyes and appalling stink cloud the pages, as shadows are used to accentuate his position in the house. The children try to rid the house of this pesky zombie without success, the sister being taken away by white coated wardens to a hospital, and the whole family moving out of the house. But Brad follows leaving them with no choice, and children will be heartily amused at their solution, and its repercussions. Wonderfully funny illustrations with mainly black and white drawings, shadowing, images of cemeteries and gravestones, surplus of worms and large eyes of the protagonists reinforce the zombie motif.
Fran Knight