Pyro Watson and the hidden treasure by Nette Hilton

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Ill. by Gregory Rogers. Woolshed Press, 2009. ISBN 9781741664164
(Age 8-10) Recommended. What a fun novel, well written and exuding the values of friendship, love of family and coping with bullies. The story sallies forth with vigour and imagination. Nette Hilton has written a story of a boy, Pyro, who loves pirates and along with his adventure the reader is absorbed with Pyro's alter ego.What boy would not love to command a pirate ship at some stage of his early life!
It's very amusing and predictable, but the characters of Aunt Mor and Mr Stig add humour and balance to Pyro's worrying thoughts about his school friend Geezer and his new found friend Min. Gregory Roger's black and white illustrations add to the humour of the story. If you are a 'Tashi' fan readers will recognise the similarities: the well constructed plot, the believable characters and the clever illustrations.
Sue Nosworthy